jawn (noun) : used to refer to a thing, place, person, or event
that one need not or cannot give a specific name to.
October 11-12, 2024
Arcadia University in the Commons Building
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I bring an old computer or thing to show off?
A: Yes! Absolutely! Check in at the reg desk and we'll help make sure there's a table setup for you to display and show off that funky old/new thing.

Q: Can/Should I bring a soldering iron to the event?
A: Come back sooner for more information on that one. Currently, the hosts have us planned on being outside for that stuff. It'll largely be weather dependant.

Q: This machine makes a terrible sound when I do X to it?
A: I dont know... ummm. Unplug it and plug it back in again.

Q: Whats the deal with parking?
A: It's free and on campus!

Q: How can I help with the event?
A: For now, think of a submission to the CFP! Volunteer support will come soon.

Q: What's with the resume workshop?
A: Students are looking for gigs. Hiring or feeling helpful? For those companys and participants who are hiring, please start considering and organizing the ways your insitutions can provide opportunities for the participants in these workshops!

Q: I found something wrong with the site. XXYY would fix it.
A: Thanks! Could you let info@jawncon.org know?

Q: What are you doing about COVID?
A: We are paying close attention to the situation tactically; we are however required to follow the University's policy at the time of the event. But in the act of knowing we can do better, we will have masks available for folks, and air scrubber will be deployed. The speaker room is "yuge" and social distancing should easily be met. The other room is a good sized room as well, but we will pay close attention to the air circulation in it as well. Soldering stuff is going to be outdoors. We require that all participants be respectful of others; the week before we will share more information that should be useful for attendees. We're all adults here, let's be thoughtful and caring of our peers.

Q: What's a jawn anyways?
A: Jawn jawn jawn jawn jawn
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